Safety Information for Teachers

Covid 19 – Health and Safety Information for Teachers The situation on COVID-19 changes daily, so please visit this tab and use this material for your references. Material on this page maybe used for your education towards your annual ECE continuous education.Your knowledge and awareness will assure safe environment for you, your family and students in your care.

Please review the following links for references:

World Health Organization training and hygiene information

Center for Disease Control

CDC cleaning checklist and how to clean guidelines

LA County Health Department

Contact Licensing

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If you or members of your family are sick, please don’t come to work. If you are exhibiting the following symptoms contact a health care professional and school administrator immediately If you are unable to work due to fears of contracting COVID-19 you may stay home. You may be able to use your PTO. You may be eligible for other state and federal benefits due to COVID-19. You may not admit a child to school if a child is sneezing, coughing or both. You may not admit a child to school ifthe child is fever free without fever reducing medication less than 72 hours (no doctor’s note is necessary if a child has been fever free without fever reducing medication for 72 hours or more). You may not admit child with dirt under fingernails and untrimmed nails.