In the middle of the 20th century Dr. Spoke, Maria Montessori and Reggio Emilia approach helped shape the philosophy of child development. However, we realized that the socioeconomic make up of Los Angeles makes it a unique place and we decided that it would be best to take parts of these theories and combine them for our center. Dreamland philosophy is one based upon positive reinforcement for improved social interaction and active involvement for academic progress.

We plan activities that involve children working individually as well as in small and large groups. We encourage children to explore the environment while being kind, considerate and respecting the rights of others.

We use academic and developmental approach. The teachers introduce concepts of language, science and mathematics through play and activities that are familiar to children such as music, arts and sports.

We do realize that we need to prepare our children for the academic challenges which will await them in the near future, but what is more important is that we want to plant a seed of creativity.