Through play situations, our two-year olds learn to master their surroundings. Our program stresses use of motor skills and development of language. Children learn colors, shapes and sizes, locations and numbers. Teachers use a curriculum especially designed for this age, which incorporates “fun” characters while learning self-control, communication and cooperation skills. Cognitive development are introduces through sensory examples. Social and emotional development is nurtured through the discussion of feelings. Circle time is not forced on the child but rather a teacher creates a fun lesson plan which drives the curiosity of the child and invites the child into the activity. If the child seems disinterested we encourage the child to explore other area of the classroom.

Acting upon the natural curiosity of this age group, the teacher guides your child into many discoveries about this world. Vocabulary increases, as they listen to stories, discuss feeling in circle time and engage in cooperative play with fellow classmates. Fine motor skills are developed with cutting and pasting, block building and clay play. Letters and numbers become more important to the child as they develop their cognitive and language development. The classroom has more play-and-learn areas that are available to the children.

This program provides a strong educational foundation for the child who will be in the kindergarten the following school year. The curriculum includes development of reading, math skills. Children develop such skills in-group projects and through one-on-one basis. The program also concentrates on the development of both large and fine motor skills. Learning materials are age appropriate and exciting to master. Basic science concepts are introduced through experimentation-and-play approach. Lessons are short, creative and informative.Computer educational games are available for children under the guidance of the teacher.

On any given day your preschooler will be exposed to:

  • Language and Literacy
  • Math Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Creative and Imaginative Projects
  • Physical Activities