TK-1ST Grade Programs

Dreamland Day Care center has been educating children until they would go on to kindergarten. However, in the last 3 years many parents took advantage of the TK program under LAUSD. The major benefit to LAUSD’s program is that it is free. We cannot compete with FREE. However, Dreamland Preschool is able to provide better ratio and thus more personal learning environment. Our curriculum is able to fully prepare children for 1st grade. However, in time of COVID-19 we are prepared and able to serve the community and educate children who will be entering 1st grade in 2020-2021.

Whether you choose full time or part time options below is the curriculum based on your child’s age.

TK Program (by the end of the year your child will be able to):

Help children with social-emotional development by reinforcing positivity through conflict resolution and friendship building. Teacher fosters love for diversity, language and STEM by implementing relevant and relatable lessons. Class work will encourage children sharing and cooperation. Well-being is promoted in school through planned lessons indoors and outdoors. In addition to social-emotional development children will expand their skills in:

Language Development – speaking clearly and constructing extended narratives. Students will develop their grammar through use of longer sentences utilizing age-appropriate grammar. Reading – library and book handling etiquette. Students taught letter recognition in printed text during story time, or “individual book time.” Students will be Introduced to phonetic awareness as well as story retelling in own words. Writing – building on preschool developed small motor skills children are encouraged to develop proper holding technique of writing or drawing instruments. Name tracing and writing. Concept of writing vs drawing is developed.

Mathematics & Science – Counting to 10, recognizing numbers. Class will identify number of objects to five, concepts of more or less as well as addition and subtraction will be developed. Teacher will introduce concepts on classification and patterning. Class will have an opportunity to conduct experiments on measuring and comparing as well learning about cause and effect.

Visual Arts and Music – using different media, children will have an opportunity to created imaginative art to complement their development in language, writing, math and reading. Small motor skills control, being attentive to details in nature around them will develop foundation towards being attentive to details. Through rhythms and melodies children will develop mathematical and verbal skills. Through dance and tempo children will develop their gross motor skills. In addition using basic rhythmic instrument the class will develop rhythmic acumen.

PE – use of playground for group or individual play will develop gross motor skills as well as social bonding. Teachers will implement yoga as part of our teacher-led outdoor activities as well competitive sports like basketball and cycling to promote learning about team work, as well as body strength.

Kindergarten Program (by the end of the year your child will be able to):

Social Health – teacher is working in small groups on evolving communication on feelings and character development. A child is development a sense of self and uniqueness with family’s and teacher’s guidance. A student is guided on how express personal needs to classmates and teacher with age appropriate maturity. A student is helped to identify emotions and verbalize feeling through a complex sentence. A child’s sharing and compassion skills developed through class work, teacher guided games.

Language Development and Reading – teacher guides children in learning speaking and listening skills. Children learn to listen to presented ideas of other students as well as presenting self-forming ideas. Children learn to project their voice, speak directly to classmates. Students learn to express thoughts in descriptive manner. Class is developing vocabulary and identifying meaning of newly learned words as well as introduction to inflections and affixes. Conversational English is developed through story time in groups and individually. Upper and lower case letters rules are learned to help children establish writing proficiency. Phonics skills are reinforced through sight words which will require timed testing. Children will be reading AR (Accelerated Reader) labeled books, developed specifically for each child’s grade level. Comprehension is developed through Q&A at the end of reading time.

Writing Skills – a child will learn to compose opinions using writing as a means of communication. A teacher will encourage children to write a narrative from a dictation. Teacher will encourage writing development through group and individual activities. Students will be working on developing correct writing technique as well as paying attention to upper and lower case letters.

Mathematics & Science – Count to 100 by ones and then by fives and by tens. Writing 0-20 as well as spelling it. Learn to connect counting to cardinality. Locating number out of sequence and placing numbers in sequence. Children will develop mathematical operational skills specifically addition and subtraction. Learning numeric decomposition, each number can be made of other two numbers through addition and subtraction. Children will be conducting and record finding in cause & effect experiments as well as measuring and weighting similar or different objects. Concept of time is learned through analog and digital clocks. Geometric shapes in 2D and 3D.

Visual Arts & Music – children will learn to develop observational skills, vocabulary as well as develop appreciation for design, art and music. Children will seek meaning in art and music they observe and listen. Children will write about feelings and observations on art. Children will create art and music using different media and instruments. Combining, writing, geometry and science children will create art and then writing about it in their own words. Teacher will guide students through music that are the foundation to our artistic development as humans. Children will listen and interpret music that is relevant to our multi-cultural society. Children will learn about theater and artistic expression through recreation of popular characters from children’s books. Visual arts and music will allow children to further advance their gross motor skills through dance and rhythms.

PE – Building on gross motor skills development children will be exposed to yoga to develop relaxation and stretching skills. Use of play parachute and outdoors games children will develop balancing on 1, 2, 3 body parts. Body management as well as locomotor movement exercise. Children will learn about types of running through aerobic exercise. Though PE children will develop comradery while playing sports.

Ist Grade (by the end of the year your child will be able to):

Language Arts – Children will develop foundational knowledge on grammar rules, reading comprehension with knowledge of contextual meaning. Students will develop an ability to identify theme as well as retell the story using correct sentence structure. Students will develop phonological awareness and evolve the word recognition. Students will develop skills on how to effectively express themselves through writing. Students will learn to collaborate on language based class work. Students will be exposed to dictation exercise to develop spelling and writing proficiency. During story time children will work on recounting sequence of events both verbally and in writing. Children will learn effective expression techniques through verbal and written communication. Students will learn to develop their opinion and listen to opinion of others.

Mathematics and Science - Students will master numerical and word problems up to 20. Flash cards will be foundations of quick math skill, but comprehension of numeric operations will be developed through art and physical object manipulation. Games and class objects will be implemented in mathematical concepts understanding. Students will learn to decompose complex digits manipulations by deconstructing a problem into simple forms. Concept of zero and equal sign will be taught as it pertains to complex numbers and mathematical operations. Children will learn to count by 10s, 5s and 2s. Children will count up to 120 by one. Students will develop understanding of order and repetitive sequences. Children will learn to tell time using digital and analog clock. Teacher will introduce concept on counting of coins to one hundred cents. Students will develop mastery of two dimensional shapes and develop understanding of three dimensional shapes. Introduction to fractions, by dividing circles and squares into equal parts. During physical science children will conduct experiments on states of matter gas, solid and liquid. Discuss cause and effect. Engineering concepts will be introduced through Lego games and Popsicle sticks. In science class children will develop skill on formulating questions and conclusions. During life science class time children will be learning about different organisms and how mammals are different from birds and marine life. Students will learn about stages of life and observe how flora and fauna are interdependent.

History and Social Studies – children will develop basic understanding what is democracy? Geographical location of USA and CA. Students will learn a difference between a country and state and city. Students will learn main characters behind national holidays and important historical events. Supply and demand concepts are introduced through class interactions.

Visual Arts and Music – Children will continue to evolve their small motor skills through creative art and various media. Children will develop their gross motor skills through dance and yoga. Artist will be introduced through famous art. Children will develop their own artistic skill by re-interpreting the work in their own way. Children will develop basic knowledge of piano keys and musical scale.

PE – Outdoor time will be used for muscle development. Running, biking and ball games will be part of group activities. Children will do yoga and team sports.